Over the past 20 years, I have traveled this country and spent countless hours helping people understand how to take care of their Suggies.  Sleeping GliderBelow, you’ll find a list of the most frequently asked questions that I have been asked along the way.  After searching through this invaluable resource, if you do not find the question that you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will get that answer to you asap.

How long do Sugar Gliders live?
Where are they native to?
Do they make good pets?
Do they bite?

“You will find the sugar gliders get along quite well with other pets.  They are vary curious by nature so will

 want to get to know the other pets in the family.

Can they get along with other pets?
Are they a rat, a squirrel, a bat?
Do they smell?

Sugar Glider Food and Nutrition

What do they eat?
At what temperature do they need to be kept?
How do I go about the bonding process?

Do they need a lot of attention?
What kind of cage do they need?
Should my glider have free run of the house?

Tropical Attitude Pets has some of the sweetest gliders you’ll ever meet. 

Can they be shipped?
How much do they cost?
Do I need to buy two?
What age should I buy?
What sex should I buy?
Can I breed my pair?
Grey Gliders

Male Grey Gliders